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Where Your Hair Dreams Come True

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About Me


I absolutely love my space and I hope you will too! I strive for my studio to have a positive, inclusive, creative energy where anyone can feel comfortable in my chair.

Maddie Goodfellow




Teasy lights 

Precision Cutting

Unguarded Razor Cutting 

Wedding Styling 

Formal Styling 

Keratin Smoothings 

Keratin Express


**Featured as February's Pro  spotlight for dpHUE!

Why We Love Her

“Maddie's studio is a great place to relax, and she makes you feel perfectly at home while you're there! I love how my hair looks and feels every visit, I wish I could go every week!”


Maddie is fantastic at vivid colors (with easy-to-follow care instructions to help the color last in between appointments). I’ve neglected maintenance appointments on many occasions and her color correcting/lived in color expertise is the best in the Cleveland area.

Depending on your social energy the day of an appointment, she will work in silence, listen non-judgmentally to you if you want to talk, or share a story to follow if you want to listen but not talk (her music playlists are also always great!)—she always follows your lead so sitting in silence never feels awkward like it can with other stylists!

Prices are based on hair length—NOT gender! And, she will honor your pronouns every single time!

Her salon displays small business art, beautiful plants, an LED-lit mirror (perfect for taking selfies), and big windows with natural lighting!


“Until I started going to Maddie, I dreaded the hair salon. I have had bad haircuts, bad color, outrageous prices - you name it. Since going to Maddie, I have started making up excuses for a visit. I have never enjoyed it more on top of having the healthiest hair ever! She will change your life.”

Maddie L

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Late Cancellation:

Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged $25 per hour for whatever the length of the visit was suppose to be.


If you arrive more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, the appointment will be cancelled, and the late cancellation policy (above) will also be applied.

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